Our Story

We believe in real education.

Connecting the Education World across 195 Countries


To prepare and advise students with expertise, experience, and honesty so that they can realize their dreams of studying abroad.


We believe in the benefits of global education and the satisfaction created by great service. All students and families should have transparent access to information and guidance to support them to earn scholarships and build a brighter future.


Delivering Superior Outcomes and Results is our Priority


195 Global's core values define our priorities and are a source of inspiration and guidance to the team.

Our students and their families place trust in us. We need to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and operate ethically everyday to be worthy of having that trust instilled in us. This comes through every interaction with customers and schools.

Student demands are changing and traditional education agencies have not adapted. We must provide the highest levels of personalized service to build individual relationships that go beyond the walls of an office. Service forms the basis for all that we do and requires attention to the smallest details and student needs.

We will work together as one team to deliver the best outcomes for our students. This involves employees working well together in a team, and demonstrating consideration and courtesy for each other. When we think and act in what is best for the company, rather than ourselves, we create a winning culture.

All team members should have the freedom and flexibility to think boldly. Whether it’s a process or a student inquiry, innovative ideas and solutions are encouraged in order to disrupt traditional ways of thinking and delight our customers.

As our students grow through education and expansion of their own horizons, so too will 195 Global Study Abroad grow through steady, focused, targeted expansion. Scale, both real and perceptual, is critical to our future success as a team.

What makes us different?

We are different from other study abroad agencies in 3 ways

We have global experience and expertise. Our Director has studied, lived and worked in the United States, Canada, Australia and Asia. He has helped over 2,000 Vietnamese students successfully study abroad all over the world over the last 11 years. Our global knowledge helps students and families choose the best schools and locations for studying and living.

We find the highest scholarships for our students. We work with over 500 partner schools around the world, and our close working relationships allow us to obtain the highest scholarships and financial aid awards for our students. Having personal relationships and trust with schools matters. Over $2.5M USD in scholarships awarded over the last 11 years and a 95% visa success rate is evidence of our close working relationships and strong reputation.

We work honestly and ethically. We do not push schools on to students to get a commission, we help students to build a list of school options so they can choose the right school for their major, location and budget. Each of our students is a member of our family, and we form deep relationships with them that last when they go to study abroad and into their future working careers. They can always rely and count on us for advice and assistance.

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